Month: March 2015

Dance Queen in the Studio






6Body suit: Charlotte Russe, Plaid shirt: Forever 21, Faux fur coat: Forever 21,
Fishnets: Halloween store, Shoes: H&M

Model: Cayla Chambers

Cayla is a native of Hattiesburg, MS and a senior International Studies major at Vassar. Her fashion inspirations include: Robyn Rihanna Fenty, QueenBey on the weekend, and on the daily something comfy and casual mixed with a lil Southern Belle sass. She is enjoying her last semester with Flypeople, who besides being an amazing group of dancers, also give the best advice! Words of Flypeople wisdom: If you don’t love it don’t buy it!

Photographer: Ellis Kim


Soccer Time with Matt






IMG_1453Hat: Jägermeister, Shirt: Adidas, Sweatshirt: Doughpe Clothing, Shorts: Target, Socks: Puma, Shoes: Asics, Bag: Northampton HS Soccer

Model: Matt Weiss

Matt is an economics major from Northampton, Massachusetts. His soccer career ended in 2011, but he can occasionally be found complaining about his nagging injuries during an intramural game. More recently, he was a member of Vassar’s Swimming and Diving team. In his free time he enjoys poetry, online shopping, and NASCAR.

Photographer: Drew Leventhal


Snow Day with Carrie






IMG_2926Beanie: Vintage, Coat: Asos, Top: Urban Outfitters, Denim dress: Urban Outfitters, Tights: Oysho, Marble Necklace: Nastygal, Three Charms Necklace: Quebec, Rings: thrifted, Shoes: Adidas

Model: Carrie Plover

Carrie is a junior International Studies major hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY (you may have heard of it). Inspired by a character on Disney Channel, she wore only black for the entirety of 2001. She’s mellowed a bit since. Now, Carrie derives her fashion inspiration primarily from French women’s wear, Deborah Thornberry, and the closets of people she once dated. On an average day, you’ll find her struggling to balance a cigarette, phone, and caffeinated beverage between two hands.

Photographer: Drew Leventhal