The College Catalogue is the creation of Maggie Zhang, Nicole Alter, and Daniele Selby – three Vassar College students. Our blog features the personal styles of our friends and classmates. Fashion blogs often feature only one individual’s style and outrageously expensive clothing. We felt like we weren’t seeing anything realistic, nothing we would see on the people we know, and nothing we could run out and buy without spending all of our entire (short-lived) life savings.

So… The College Catalogue was born. It is a catalogue of fashions and people, the same way a runway catalogue is, and it is a catalogue of different styles and personalities with a diverse offering of stories, the same way a college course catalogue is. This blog is our attempt to fill a hole in the world of fashion blogging. We do it in good spirit, we do it in good fun, and we do it with good friends. So we hope you enjoy it and that you’ll be back soon!

P.S. No models were harmed in the making of this blog.

Hit us up at thecollegecatalogue@gmail.com

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