Wintertime Wardrobes

Winter Elements

WinterElements1WinterElements2WinterElements3WinterElements4WinterElements5WinterElements6WinterElements7WinterElements8On Ashley(left) – Coat: Korea, Hoodie: Korea, Jeans: Pacsun, Socks: Korea, Shoes: Dr.Martens

On Sophia (right) – Coat: Wonderplace (Korea), Shirt: Redeye (Korea),
Button-up: Wonderplace, Jeans: Korea, Shoes: Korea

Models: Sophia Yoo and Ashley Kim

Ashley is a sophomore Chemistry major born in Queens and raised on Long Island, New York. She likes to dance and primarily dances hip hop and k-pop. Ashley enjoys doing her makeup and can probably spend hours perfecting (or trying to perfect) her makeup. Her style mostly stems from Korean street fashion and she wears way too much pink for someone whose least favorite color was pink until last summer.

Sophia is a sophomore from California majoring in Chemistry (and possibly art). Since visiting Korea for the first time in 7 years this winter, much of her wardrobe consists of clothes from the streets of Seoul. She draws her style inspiration from people she comes across on Instagram. And no, she and Ashley are not twins, nor are they related.

Photographer: Drew Leventhal

Odis & Ezra







BO6A0264On Ezra (left) – Jacket: Michel Lipsic, Sweater: Thrifted,
Pants: Calvin Klein, Rings: Gifted, Shoes: Laredo

On Odis (right) – Coat: Buffalo Exchange, Sweater: Thrifted,
Pants: Tilly’s, Scarf: H&M, Shoes: Nordstrom

Models: Ezra and Odis Babski

Ezra is a freshman from California and his interests are music, philosophy, and literature. He enjoys swimming in the ocean, which he did often in California, a loss he is bearing still, for the Hudson, magnificent as it is, does not compare.

Odis is a philosophy major and he currently doesn’t know what to do with his life. He lives for the tentative “are you guys related?” remarks that are frequently directed towards him and his brother, and relishes politely clearing up any confusion and offering comfort to confused onlookers and acquaintances alike.

Photographer: Drew Leventhal

Snow Day with Carrie






IMG_2926Beanie: Vintage, Coat: Asos, Top: Urban Outfitters, Denim dress: Urban Outfitters, Tights: Oysho, Marble Necklace: Nastygal, Three Charms Necklace: Quebec, Rings: thrifted, Shoes: Adidas

Model: Carrie Plover

Carrie is a junior International Studies major hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY (you may have heard of it). Inspired by a character on Disney Channel, she wore only black for the entirety of 2001. She’s mellowed a bit since. Now, Carrie derives her fashion inspiration primarily from French women’s wear, Deborah Thornberry, and the closets of people she once dated. On an average day, you’ll find her struggling to balance a cigarette, phone, and caffeinated beverage between two hands.

Photographer: Drew Leventhal

Layered up with Mark



3 2


5Jacket: H&M, Sweater: thrifted, Vest: Gap, Shirt: River Island, Pants: H&M, Bandana: thrifted,  Shoes: Dr. Martens, Bag: H&M,

Model: Mark Han

Mark Han is a junior majoring in Chemistry and is from Queens, NY. His hobbies include eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching movies. Mark draws his fashion inspirations from his friends, Japanese street fashion, and Björk. For his 29th birthday, he wants to pick up a good camera and a good backpack to travel around the world.

Winter Wonderland with Catherine







7Jacket: Bergen and Tate, Dress: thrifted, Headband: handmade & gifted, Necklace: Vintage, Rings: Forever 21, Tights: Betsy Johnson, Shoes: Ecote

Model: Catherine Burns

Catherine Burns is a freshman and prospective English major from Lincoln, Nebraska. She gets her fashion inspiration from an amalgamation of sources– anywhere from the French New Wave to the 1990s. She enjoys watching old films, reading plays, and singing in her free time. An interesting fact about her is that she started professionally making sushi at the age of 13.

A Hint of Winter with Katherine







7Jacket: H&M, Sweater: H&M, Pants: H&M, Earrings: gifted, Bracelet: DIY, Necklace: Forever 21, Watch: Victorinox Swiss Army, Shoes: SODA

Model: Katherine Cuan

Katherine is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Chinese. She is from Brooklyn, New York and likes to dance, read fantasy fiction novels, and work for The College Catalogue. Her style icons include Jenn from Clothes Encounters and her friends.

Wander Into Winter with Aaron





DSC05515Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Pants: APC, Scarf: Scotch & Soda, Shoes: Alden

Model: Aaron Payne

Aaron is a freshman from Palo Alto, California. His prospective majors are English and Economics. He enjoys boxing and fashion blogging, and mainly draws his fashion inspiration from street style.

Fall Fabulous with Tiarra





img_4973Top: F21, Vest: Buffalo Exchange, Pants: H&M, Boots: Nastygal, 
: Urban Outfitters, Watch: Nordstrom

Model: Tiarra Dickens

Tiarra is a Sociology major at Vassar College from Bowie, Maryland. She loves Aqua by Aqua and Nastygal. Quote to dress by: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” -Gore Vidal.

Fun fact: She got to style Sheryl Sandberg!

Is it warm yet?

winter wardrobes

Model: Peter Rothe, Ashley Julien, and Lisa Nakashima

It’s been an exciting winter – all the holidays, “historic blizzard” Nemo, and, of course, the birth of The College Catalogue – but it’s finally time to say goodbye to Winter and start looking forward to Spring! Even though it snowed in NYC earlier this week…

We just wanted to take a moment to say that we really appreciate the interest in our blog & hope you’ll check back here again soon for more exciting features.


Nicole, Maggie & Dani

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