A Night in Ferry


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6 copyOn Emma – Shirt: handmade, Pants: Viviane, Jacket: Devil Nut, Shoes: Marc Jacobs

On Lanbo – Shirt: OBEY, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Socks: American Eagle, Necklace: gifted, Bracelet: gifted, Shoes: Converse

Models: Emma King and Lanbo Yang

Emma is a junior Women’s Studies major and Philosophy correlate, originally from New York City. Her fashion inspiration is the collective unconscious. Fun fact: she got a C+ in her Intro to Women’s Studies class.

Lanbo is a junior studying English and pursuing the pre-medical track. He originates from Beijing, China but now lives in Boston. He likes to read and write (mostly short fiction), cook, and have lucid dreams. He believes fashion is everywhere and draws inspiration from people around him.