Winter Elements

WinterElements1WinterElements2WinterElements3WinterElements4WinterElements5WinterElements6WinterElements7WinterElements8On Ashley(left) – Coat: Korea, Hoodie: Korea, Jeans: Pacsun, Socks: Korea, Shoes: Dr.Martens

On Sophia (right) – Coat: Wonderplace (Korea), Shirt: Redeye (Korea),
Button-up: Wonderplace, Jeans: Korea, Shoes: Korea

Models: Sophia Yoo and Ashley Kim

Ashley is a sophomore Chemistry major born in Queens and raised on Long Island, New York. She likes to dance and primarily dances hip hop and k-pop. Ashley enjoys doing her makeup and can probably spend hours perfecting (or trying to perfect) her makeup. Her style mostly stems from Korean street fashion and she wears way too much pink for someone whose least favorite color was pink until last summer.

Sophia is a sophomore from California majoring in Chemistry (and possibly art). Since visiting Korea for the first time in 7 years this winter, much of her wardrobe consists of clothes from the streets of Seoul. She draws her style inspiration from people she comes across on Instagram. And no, she and Ashley are not twins, nor are they related.

Photographer: Drew Leventhal

Board It Up with Michael and Tewa








8On Michael – Shirt: Nike, Jeans: PacSun, Beanie: Zumiez, Shoes: Vans, Longboard: Amazon

On Tewa – Tank: Tilly’s, Hoodie: Roxy, Jacket: For Eve, Pants: Adidas, Shoes: Vans, Headphones: Skullcandy, Backpack: Eurosport, Longboard: GoldCoast Skateboards

Models: Michael Leyba and Tewa Kpulun

Michael is a freshmen at Vassar, originally from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and majoring in Biochemistry. He loves anything related to soccer, and dresses by comfort.

Tewa is a junior at Vassar with a Physics major and a Math minor. She is originally from Fontana, California and her hobbies are dancing, participating in student government, and going to the gym. For Tewa, comfort is also the most important factor when it comes to fashion.